Monday, February 10, 2020

Paraphrasing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 4

Paraphrasing - Essay Example It was used because in order to make a solution more concentrated, absorption of more light is required. In order to measure the calculations in the form of a graph, Beer-Lambert Law was used after having done with the calculations. To conduct the experiment, four test tubes were used to collect four standard samples of . The measurements of concentration of the test tubes were 0.05M, 0.1M, 0.2M and 0.5M respectively. Along with this, four additional samples were also used. The measurement of concentration was different in each of the additional samples. To start the process, 8mL of water was added to the 0.5M concentrated sample for the purpose of producing a 0.2M solute. After this, 10mL of water was added to the sample for the purpose of producing the 0.1M solvent. After these two steps, 10mL of water was also added to the sample to produce the 0.05M solvent. As the next step in the process, a test tube that had distilled water present in it was placed in the Spec 20. The wavelength was also adjusted to know whether there is any problem in it or not. In the Spec 20, a 0.05M sample of was placed with the purpose of knowing its level of concentration, as well as percent transmittance. The process was repeated four times for the self-made solutions, as well as for the standard solutions after writing down the calculations. It was also repeated again for the last time for the unknown solution. The tables 1 and 2 show the values that were recorded from the screen. Having done with this, a graph was also developed to show the calculated absorption and concentration values. It is important to mention that the graph was developed on excel and it depended on concentration vs. absorbance (Graph 1). Using the excel graph and the Beer-Lambert Law, the equation generated for the given points is as follows: Table 6 was drawn to reflect the difference between the absorbance rate of standard and self-made solutions. The formula used for calculation of the percent

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